Designing Quality Invitations for Your Business Needs


Advertising can take on many forms and businesses are still in continuous pursuit of new modes. The main aim of advertising is to bring customers who will purchase your products. Trade shows and exhibitions are held so that companies can contact new consumers who might be interested in their products. It is not ways possible for companies to make strong impression on their clients in the restricted atmosphere of these shows. That is why many companies have started to host events where they can promote their wares with ease.

Companies send out numerous invitations for various reasons. Sometimes those invitations are for dinners or for brunch. Meetings and seminars are also occasions where businesses send out invitations. Most of these companies do not realize that they are missing out on a great opportunity to showcase their company. Cheap invitations marketing is something that you need to focus on especially if your company hosts a lot of events throughout the year.

Invitations Present Your Company in a Favorable Light

The design and layout of an invitation along with its quality can have a huge influence on the decision of the customer or client. If your customer does not like the way your invitation has been created, you will be losing out on a visitor who might have made a purchase. An attractive invitation will make your customers feel that your event will be one worth attending. An invitation tells a lot about your company to those who will view it. A poorly made invitation shows that your business looks for the easy way out and not willing to work hard enough to satisfy your clientele.

Printed invitations are generally well received. Even though sending invitations through the internet can have its advantages, printed invitations have a different appeal. A printed invitation is like a physical reminder of the event. Many consider e-invites to be laziness on the part of the company that is hosting the event. They feel that the company does not wish to put a little extra effort and money into the happiness of its customers.

Guide to Using Invitations for Your Business

An invitation needs to be inviting in its look and tone. Creating a good looking invite can actually help boost the attendance rates of your next event.

The Format of an Invitation is Crucial

People will receive your invitation will pay more attention to it if you place your information in the correct order. The logo and the name of your company will need to be displayed prominently at the beginning. The tone of the invitation should be interesting and yet formal enough not to offend your clients. You should mention what the event is about, whether it is a dinner, a seminar or a cocktail party. If there is a specific reason why you are hosting the event then you need to mention it on the invite. Sometimes your company may host events that are of a more informal and relaxed nature like picnics and sporting tournaments. In that case, you may be relaxed in your invitation as well. An informal tone will be good enough for these situations.

Mention the Details of the Event Clearly

Your clients will need to know the time they need to arrive at the venue of your event. The date will need to be stated clearly so that your customers will face no problem in remembering it. Include the name of the venue clearly. If necessary, you can mention the names of some landmarks nearby which will be helpful in guiding visitors to your venue.

Certain situations require you need to know the exact number of people who will attending your event. You can add RSVP details in your invitations so guide your clients. Add a contact number where people can call you to confirm or reject your invitation.

Point Out Any Extra Information

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That the Visitors May Need To Know

Certain events call for certain instructions to be followed by the visitors. You can inform your clients where and how to park their cars so that a chaotic situation does not arise in front of your venue. In case you are worried about rains disrupting your open air event, you must have a backup venue planned. In this case, you will need to inform your clients beforehand where that alternate site is located. If you want your visitors to follow a certain dressing style, you will need to inform of the attire required through the invitation.

The Timing of Your Invitations Are Important

The date on which you send your invitations will play a pivotal role on attendance. You are required to inform your clients or customers at least three to four weeks in advance of the event. If you send invitations for your events just a few days before you are hosting it, you are giving a very short notice to your clients. They might not be able to arrange their schedule in order to attend your event. On the other hand, people may forget about your event if you send them invitations months in advance.

The Design Should Be Suitable

The design that you use in your invitation must be suitable for the theme and tone of your event. A dinner invitation will have a more formal and simple design than an invitation for a golf tournament. The colors that you use in your invitation needs to be similar to the identity of your company’s branding. The people need to be able to associate your invitation with your company.

There are other ways which you can use to make sure more people start turning up at your events. You can include QR codes in your invitations so that people can locate your venue on online maps. Online agencies can help you print and receive your bulk order of invitations at a shorter notice so that you can send them early. If your events are filled with people, others will get curious about them and will try to get invitations to your events as well. Without proper invitations, you cannot market your events to a large audience.


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Custom post card printing

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Wide Involvement of Gift Certificates and Gift Cards in Promotions

Wide Involvement of Gift Certificates and Gift Cards in Promotions


Those who have plans to gift savings bonds in gifts can give it away along with a gift certificate. It can be considered as the token of love. Gift certificates are designed for several occasions like birthdays, marriage, anniversaries and for several other occasions. Different formats of the certificates are available. You need to select a design according to the occasions. Fill up the details and finally give it into the printers. Mention the name of the recipients.  If the length of the name is too long then make it short and precise.


Gift Cards


Gift cards are also now in demands. There is a basic difference between the gift cards and the certificates. Gift certificates are normally available online. Whereas gift cards re available anywhere. You can find gift cards in the shops of your locality. Gift cards are conveniently available in plenty of stores other than its availability in online. Certain gift cards are available in special stores and are redeemed by specified agents. Bank originated gift cards can be redeemed in the counters accepting credit cards.


Now gift certificates and cards are designed following certain common guides issued mainly for the designing.  But the laws of the designs may vary according to the provinces. Taxes are levied on the gift cards. The rules of the card and certificate printing come with dates of expiry and also policies dealing with escheat schemes. Lots of business men are aware about the profits and the opportunities as provided through the certificates.Many small as well as medium scale business people are widely aware about the profits and advantages as offered through the purchase of the gift certificates. Plastic based gift cards are even available in the stores of the supermarkets. These cards have lots to offer in addition to the beautiful and pretty looks.


It is really a debatable issue when both the gift cards and certificates are considered. Both comes with their pros and cons.


Available Values with Gift Cards and Certificates


Other than fancy looks, these cards come with commendable shares of the profits. It has greater values for the customers and thus are preferred to be purchased frequently when comes to gifts. It has gained more popularity, as it can be carried easily and has lesser hazards involved with it. The recipients are offered with greater proportions of profits. Customers are offered not only with a presentable gift but with items having plenty of benefits.


Stealingcan’t be an issue


Gift cards are without any value unless they are registered. The manufacturer of the gift cards may come up with the plastic based business cards that are scanned to match up the entry from the registers. The electronic representation of a gift card can be activated through the chief database. While a stolen gift card appears to be more beneficial than that of the stolen gift certificates. Gift cards are harmless while the gift certificates may levy high for your pockets.


Gift Card Safety System does not include POS system


The gift card manufacturer may simply number the gift cards in the form of a continuous series. As you sell the cards, you are supposed to maintain the records of the cards along with the numbers. In case you re reported with any sorts of problems related to the cards, you can check out the details related to that of the sold out cards. This maintains a secure system related with the gift cards.


Added safety with possible POS display


Gift certificates are frequently intrigued with the charges of escheats and fraudulence. These certificates cannot be placed for display at the time of the sales. The online printers will help them to experiment with the look of the cards. You can experiment with the ultimate appearance of the cards. Design a look all by yourself. You can also seek help from the designers associated with the printing service providers. Various special effects are available with the software designing tools.


Profits without sale


Another interesting study reveals that most of the cards sold out are not reimbursed. This means that only it changes hands but the money allotted for the cards remain undisturbed.


Negligible Difference in Prices


Gift certificates can be designed with individual effects. But then you are not offered with the value entitled with the certificate. That’s why you have to get your certificates designed through a professional designer. The difference in prices involved with printing plastic as well as paper cards is really negligible. In case you use an experienced plastic manufacturer, you won’t find it much difficult to tackle with the cost involved in the printing of the cards and certificates.


Various designers and skilled professionals EDDM post cards printing are associated with the printing companies. They have experiences related to the designing of the cards. Again for certificates, you need to get it done through the online design templates.


 New Business with the Gift Certificates


Gift certificates can be considered as an integral item for the promotions of holiday packages. They can be printed easily and also attracts large scales of the customers. This also helps in developing business in better dimensions as it reaches out for more numbers of people.


Deliver certificates to the best probable customers before they get ready for holiday trips. These certificates encourage people to get indulged in the trip plans. People will find it interesting and they may avail the offers related to the holiday trips.


Gift certificates and cards are available in reasonable items and forms great gift items. Again these can also be used for the promotional purposes. Many businessmen are utilizing this latest trend meant for their business promotions. Come up with extraordinary designs. The valuations of the certificates make it more popular and contemporary among the distributors and the recipients. Those who receive these assume that they have made a good deal. Printing medium and the products formed as the result of the printing process are widely familiar and common among these days. People find it rather convenient to deal with the promotional items that assure profits.


Variable Information Printing for Direct Mail Marketing



If you are planning to undertake variable data printing for direct mailing purposes, you can be able to personalize every one of your printed items which can help you increase your returns on investment. Direct mail marketing makes use of variable data software with the digital printing facility for targeting individual clients as you are sending out literature through the postal system. Variable data printing, which is also known as variable information printing, is a sort of on demand printing that is used for direct mail marketing. Here, elements such as graphics, images and text might be changed from a single printed piece to the next without slowing down or stopping the printing process or using information from an external file or database.


The services use professional software from various noted providers for direct mail marketing. You can even outsource the task of artwork design to specialized agencies. These providers can print sets of leaflets, personalized letters, postcards and even CDs and DVDs, with each of these having the same basic design, but those which can be printed with different image graphics, address and name with even a bar code on each one of them. Variable data printing can be used for customer relationship management, direct mail marketing, invoicing on self-mailers, postcard campaigns, brochures and for other types of advertising.

Printing Event Ticket
Printing Event Ticket


Succeed with Variable Data Printing


The rate of success from sending out digitally printed and personalized marketing literature has been proven to enhance the success rate by up to 10% to 15%. There can be different levels of variable printing. At the most basic level, you can only change the name or the salutation on each copy. Complex forms of variable data printing make use of ‘versioning’ which is featured with different levels of personalization or customization. This is applicable in different markets with the images and text changing for groups of addresses on the basis of the market segment which you are addressing.


Full variability printing is also something that makes your direct mail marketing strategies more successful as here images and text can be altered for every individual address. Every type of variable data printing starts with having a basic design which points to the sections that can be changed and a database of information which incorporates the changeable fields. Since recent times, more and more printers are using the term ‘trans-promotional’ or TransPromo to indicate the merging of marketing content and transactional print pieces by bringing in more business users into the printing process.


With variable data printing, you will be able to mass customize the documents with the help of digital print technology as opposed to mass production of a single document with the help of offset lithography. Rather than producing 10000 copies of an individual document and delivering the message to 10000 customers, variable data printing can print 100 to 10000 unique documents with customized messages for every individual customer.


Variable Data Printing and Marketing Campaigns


Variable data printing through digital printing helps improve the returns on your marketing campaign by leaps and bounds. Variable data printing which is also known as variable information printing helps you personalize your information or message on each specific document. If you are keen to use a brochure printing service for producing brochures, every single piece can be customized with the name of the recipient on the front cover or in any of the pages in the brochure. Various numbers of medium can be used to make the most of variable data printing such as calendars, newsletters, posters and postcards.


With variable data printing, you can use information from an external database file seamlessly without a hitch to the printing process. You can change the images or text for making the message more relevant to the reader. This technology can help your business by improving customer loyalty by delivering the mails with a personalized greeting. With variable data printing, you can create a higher response rate and this might lead to receiving more orders from your customers. You can print a lot of things with VDP, as the choice of the printed material is only confined by your imagination. Postcard Printing companies offer various specifications and sizes for meeting your needs.


Postcards: Send your customers a postcard and tell them about a future sales promotion or event. They will be happy to receive a personal touch.


Brochures: Personalize the brochures with the name of your customer and reference to their last purchase. You may even change the products and images to suit your individual clients.


Newsletters: Regular newsletters can provide industry news and details related to community events. This is a great way to stay in touch with customers.


Direct Mail Letters: You can add in personalized greetings in your letters to clients and reference to their name in the body of the document. You may refer to a specific product or a future promotion to meet the needs of the individual customer. This will give your message a competent look.


Greeting Cards: There cannot be a better way to let customers know about your thoughts for them than greeting cards. The cards can be printed in bulk to save costs and then customized individually.


Calendars: The family name of your customers can be printed on a calendar. This will be a great year end gift and a special way of thanking them for their patronage. If there are different product lines per month, it can be matched with the item that you are promoting.


Posters: It is common for the text to change in variable date printing, but you can even make adjustments to the graphics and images. This provides you with a better scope for various kinds of posters using a main theme with minor variations.


Most printing companies provide variable date printing services. You should use online services in order to make your process more convenient, fast and efficient. Digital printing has taken marketing to a new level by combining database information with promotion through a customized letter or a postcard.