Color Copies: Ensure Your Business Card Provides The Following Information:


Along with the basic information like your address, contact number and e-mail address, make sure that you include the address to your website or blog and list your LinkedIn URL, Facebook page and/or Twitter handle. This way it gives people more choice on how to get in touch with you and goes on to show you use social media widely.


Next, you want to go a step further than the cards that provide only contact details, by mentioning your major areas of strength. A business card is no bio data, and yet in clever short inscription you can throw some light on what you do or what makes you different from the others.


Include your company logo in the card but make sure that it looks corporate and represents perfectly what you do or what your brand stands for. Someone who is in the profession of acting or modelling may well include an attractive photo in the card. In short, your business card is often the first impression that people will have of you personally or you as part of a brand. So, you should make it a point to make them represent you as best as you can while maintaining a minimalistic approach.


Design That Fits the Purpose


The widely used size of a business card is 31/2” X 2”. See to it that your card isn’t too big to fit into a wallet or card holder. Choose an easily legible font with its size not too large or small. Don’t cram the card with information at the cost of it looking illegible.


Choosing the right colour for your card will make it more attractive. Even better if it relates to your line of work, like brown if you are in wooden furniture making or a dash of green to denote yours is a chain of vegetarian restaurants. What the client is also sure to notice as s/he holds the card in hand is how thick the card is. Choosing a good quality paper for your card is wise, because people may immediately relate your card to the kind of service that they may expect to get from you.


Choosing the right printing services ensures that the whole process becomes relatively simple for you. With the right services, you get plenty of options to customize and templates to choose from and they go on to make sure that even with little experience in printing, you can create just the right business card for all your business communication.


Remember, your business card is nothing short of a tiny piece of advertisement that will remind the clients of you, long after they have met you. Make it a tool of your first impression and let it remind people of you at a glance. Favourably!

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