Variable Information Printing for Direct Mail Marketing



If you are planning to undertake variable data printing for direct mailing purposes, you can be able to personalize every one of your printed items which can help you increase your returns on investment. Direct mail marketing makes use of variable data software with the digital printing facility for targeting individual clients as you are sending out literature through the postal system. Variable data printing, which is also known as variable information printing, is a sort of on demand printing that is used for direct mail marketing. Here, elements such as graphics, images and text might be changed from a single printed piece to the next without slowing down or stopping the printing process or using information from an external file or database.


The services use professional software from various noted providers for direct mail marketing. You can even outsource the task of artwork design to specialized agencies. These providers can print sets of leaflets, personalized letters, postcards and even CDs and DVDs, with each of these having the same basic design, but those which can be printed with different image graphics, address and name with even a bar code on each one of them. Variable data printing can be used for customer relationship management, direct mail marketing, invoicing on self-mailers, postcard campaigns, brochures and for other types of advertising.

Printing Event Ticket
Printing Event Ticket


Succeed with Variable Data Printing


The rate of success from sending out digitally printed and personalized marketing literature has been proven to enhance the success rate by up to 10% to 15%. There can be different levels of variable printing. At the most basic level, you can only change the name or the salutation on each copy. Complex forms of variable data printing make use of ‘versioning’ which is featured with different levels of personalization or customization. This is applicable in different markets with the images and text changing for groups of addresses on the basis of the market segment which you are addressing.


Full variability printing is also something that makes your direct mail marketing strategies more successful as here images and text can be altered for every individual address. Every type of variable data printing starts with having a basic design which points to the sections that can be changed and a database of information which incorporates the changeable fields. Since recent times, more and more printers are using the term ‘trans-promotional’ or TransPromo to indicate the merging of marketing content and transactional print pieces by bringing in more business users into the printing process.


With variable data printing, you will be able to mass customize the documents with the help of digital print technology as opposed to mass production of a single document with the help of offset lithography. Rather than producing 10000 copies of an individual document and delivering the message to 10000 customers, variable data printing can print 100 to 10000 unique documents with customized messages for every individual customer.


Variable Data Printing and Marketing Campaigns


Variable data printing through digital printing helps improve the returns on your marketing campaign by leaps and bounds. Variable data printing which is also known as variable information printing helps you personalize your information or message on each specific document. If you are keen to use a brochure printing service for producing brochures, every single piece can be customized with the name of the recipient on the front cover or in any of the pages in the brochure. Various numbers of medium can be used to make the most of variable data printing such as calendars, newsletters, posters and postcards.


With variable data printing, you can use information from an external database file seamlessly without a hitch to the printing process. You can change the images or text for making the message more relevant to the reader. This technology can help your business by improving customer loyalty by delivering the mails with a personalized greeting. With variable data printing, you can create a higher response rate and this might lead to receiving more orders from your customers. You can print a lot of things with VDP, as the choice of the printed material is only confined by your imagination. Postcard Printing companies offer various specifications and sizes for meeting your needs.


Postcards: Send your customers a postcard and tell them about a future sales promotion or event. They will be happy to receive a personal touch.


Brochures: Personalize the brochures with the name of your customer and reference to their last purchase. You may even change the products and images to suit your individual clients.


Newsletters: Regular newsletters can provide industry news and details related to community events. This is a great way to stay in touch with customers.


Direct Mail Letters: You can add in personalized greetings in your letters to clients and reference to their name in the body of the document. You may refer to a specific product or a future promotion to meet the needs of the individual customer. This will give your message a competent look.


Greeting Cards: There cannot be a better way to let customers know about your thoughts for them than greeting cards. The cards can be printed in bulk to save costs and then customized individually.


Calendars: The family name of your customers can be printed on a calendar. This will be a great year end gift and a special way of thanking them for their patronage. If there are different product lines per month, it can be matched with the item that you are promoting.


Posters: It is common for the text to change in variable date printing, but you can even make adjustments to the graphics and images. This provides you with a better scope for various kinds of posters using a main theme with minor variations.


Most printing companies provide variable date printing services. You should use online services in order to make your process more convenient, fast and efficient. Digital printing has taken marketing to a new level by combining database information with promotion through a customized letter or a postcard.